Sonic Free Riders and Virtual-On Force go platinum in Japan

Takashi Iizuka: A Platinum Collection release of Sonic Free Riders? (laughs) …Yes!

Yes, believe it or not, the often criticized Sonic Free Riders will receive a Platinum Collection release in Japan tomorrow. Perhaps the game was actually pretty enjoyable and warranted the sales, and most of the vitriol came from those who just love to hate on games they never actually played? Or maybe the Japanese just like to support titles from Japanese developers when it comes to XBOX releases in Japan. For those who don’t know, Platinum Collection titles are games considered by Microsoft to have sold considerable units since release. These select titles are given new packaging and are sold at a lower price. So kudos to SEGA for not one, but TWO Platinum Collection releases. The second game to be released tomorrow is Virtual-On Force, which will receive a cute upgrade to the game’s cover. Check that out after the break.

Rise of Nightmares demo finally debuts on Xbox Live

For all those Kinect owners thinking about picking up Rise of Nightmares, now you can try out the game for free. SEGA has finally released a demo for their horror Kinect title earlier today. Make sure you have 334.26 MB free on your harddrive to play the game.
The demo is Kinect only, so you will have to have the device to play the game.

Review: Rise of Nightmares

Leave it to SEGA to be the first to dive in and attempt to offer something new and unique when it comes to a crazy peripheral like Microsoft’s Kinect. When the Kinect launched, SEGA released Sonic Free Riders. Free Riders was, in my opinion, an under-appreciated launch title that attempted to offer more than what other launch titles were offering. While Kinect Joy Ride and Adrenalin Misfits were pretty basic, and appealed to the family friendly party game crowd, Free Riders actually required skill and practice. The racer touted weapons that required a variety of actions to execute, different vehicles and stances and a number of hazards that again called for various actions to overcome. While not a perfect attempt, I applauded SEGA for what did work and for the boldness of attempting a Kinect title that featured so many methods of control. Now, SEGA returns to Kinect with Rise of Nightmares, a SEGA AM1 developed horror title which resembles SEGA’s famous The House of the Dead series. Like Free Riders, Rise of Nightmares puts a motion controlled spin on a well established genre (survival horror), promising a variety of weapons and actions as well as a Kinect first: body controlled free movement. Just how well did SEGA do? Read on!

Project Draco is basically Panzer Dragoon Kinect?

When Project Draco was announced last year at TGS, everyone in the press, including us, thought it was meant to be the spirtual successor to Panzer Dragoon. Not only did the game sound like Panzer Dragoon, a rail shooter with Dragons, but it also had Yukio Futatsugi (known for his work on Panzer Dragoon games) leading the project. It seemed that Microsoft wanted to kill our hopes by saying the game had nothing to do with Panzer Dragoon. But how does it play? We find out this year, since it was shown in playable form for the first time.

“This is totally Panzer Dragoon Kinect. Yukio Futatsugi, who you may remember from Phantom Dust and Panzer Dragoon, is heading up a new team called Grounding Inc., and has brought together various team leads from the former Team Andromeda for this one.” – Says

So they already had Yukio Futatsugi, but they are making a team and getting more lead members of Team Andromeda (who did Panzer Dragoon series)? Even though I think the new art style is inferior to the older Panzer Dragoon games.

The game will let players ride up to 5 dragons, have over 150 secondary skills and will have multiplayer (support up to 3 players). Not only that, the game awards the players who get high scores with rare food that you can feed to the dragon to level it up.

MEGA64 films their own Rise of Nightmares ad

MEGA64 releases a Rise of Nightmare online commercial, an epic 3 and a half minutes commercial. So if you like wormholes to other dimensions, garbage cans and Dr. Who references; you’re going to love this.

Its always good to see anything from the MEGA64 guys and glad we don’t have to travel dimensions to enjoy good Kinect games.

Rise of Nightmares Releases TODAY in America to Positive Reviews!

SEGA haters, Kinect Haters and zombie game haters please sit down and shut up. SEGA’s latest Kinect exclusive title “Rise of Nightmares” releases today and early reviews have been positive. In fact, many seem to be VERY positive. said:

What I love most about Rise of Nightmares is that it actually works. Having finished the game I’m still very impressed with how responsive all the movement controls were, and how well they meshed together to perform a very cohesive experience. gave the game a 7/10, however in the areas that matter for a Kinect title, those being gameplay and controls, the game rated 8/10. YouTube review channel StuffWeLike loved the game.

We here at SEGAbits promise to have our own review up soon. In the meantime, check out other reviews and if it sounds like your type of game, pick up a copy! The game releases today in America and this Friday in Europe.

Rise of Nightmares – Controls Trailer

Yet another quirky trailer for Rise of Nightmares, Sega’s zombie-slaying Kinect exclusive, has hit the net. The trailer highlights the unique control scheme and shows how much people are enjoying it, (or not).

Rise of Nightmares releases this month (September 2011) exclusively for Kinect. Who’s getting it!?


Rise of Nightmares: Undead Spokesman trailer scares casuals

[“Chainsaw! Keep it gangster you two”]

SEGA’s Pax 2011 trailer for Rise of Nightmares takes the comedy route once again, this time mocking the casual gamer just a bit.

SEGA is really planning on trying to show Kinect audiences that this is a different game. Will they be interested? We shall see.

Rise of Nightmares gets delayed?

The website Electronic Theatre has reported that Rise of Nightmares has been delayed throughout Europe and won’t make its promised debut next month. So when is it coming out? According to the site, there is no release date set.

The reason I’m running it as a rumor is because I never heard of this site. None of the bigger sites have confirmed it, SEGA hasn’t confirmed it either. But will I be shocked if its delayed? No.

Rise of Nightmares achievements hit the web

Rise of Nightmare’s achievements hit the web, some of the achievements being creeper “Watcher” and others being typically what you expected “Iron Fist.”

There is one issue though, most of the big achievements are locked, so we won’t be able to see them till the game releases. Hit the jump to see the achievements.

SEGA releases humorous and violent Rise of Nightmares trailer

Check out this trailer, courtesy of Gamespot, for SEGA’s upcoming Kinect bloodbath, Rise of Nightmares. I’ve got to give credit where credit is due; this game definitely stands out from the rest of the Kinect lineup. Rise of Nightmares will be releasing September 6th exclusively for the Kinect. How well (or not) it ends up selling on the family-friendly device should be interesting indeed.

[Source: Sega Neptune]

Gamestop gets Rise of Nightmares pre-order items

With the release of Rise of Nightmares fast approaching, most users that are intrested in the title are already planning to pre-order the game. Well, if you want extras to deck out your Xbox 360, you might want to pre-order it at Gamestop.

If you do you will get the following:

  • “Mini Zombie” from the game that will interact with the player’s Avatar on the Xbox 360® dashboard (pictures above)
  • Gamestop-Exclusive Premium theme for their Xbox 360® dashboard, inspired by some of the game’s most terrifying locations
  • Gamestop-Exclusive Gamer Picture pack that includes a total of ten pictures


Rise of Nightmares is coming exclusively to the Kinect for Xbox 360 on September 6th, 2011 (US release date).

Rumor: Rise of Nightmares is “STAMACSTA” in Australia

Rise of Nightmares: It’s a pretty creepy title. It makes sense in the context of the game, the nightmares are rising and it is up to you to keep them down and defeat them.


According to the Australian Classification Board, a game developed by SEGA’s CS3 team containing “strong horror violence, blood and gore” will be released in Australia. This describes Rise of Nightmares to a T, however the title does not match up. In the classification, this game is titled “STAMACSTA”. Either SEGA’s CS3 team are developing two gory games and we have yet to hear of this other one, or much more likely STAMACSTA is Australia’s title for Rise of Nightmares. Fingers crossed that a classification board employee accidentally let his cat walk on the keyboard rather than this being true. It’s quote an awful title. “Stam-acts-ta”?

After the break, check out the classification information.

Rise of Nightmares gets first gameplay trailer

This game is probably the first really awesome looking game that is coming out on the Kinect. It is set to release in September of this year.

Parts of the trailer remind me of Hostel, while the other parts have The House of the Dead art style that all us SEGA fans grew up enjoying. This might not get mainstream critics hyped, but us SEGA fans are keeping an eye out on this one.