Vanquish difficulty modes revealed

Check out this screenshot of the Vanquish start menu, it seems to suggest that Vanquish will follow in Bayonettas footsteps with an ‘Easy Automatic’ mode now called ‘Casual Auto’. I’m not entirely sure how that would work with a 3rd person shooter so that’ll be interesting to see.

It also has a ‘God Hard’ mode, Always a pleaser with the more hardcore gamers out there… I wonder if that could be a little nod to ‘God Hand’ one of Mikami’s pervious games at Capcom? Who knows.


One response to “Vanquish difficulty modes revealed

  1. Sega Stylista says:

    It's some how significant they called it Casual/Casual Auto instead of Easy/Very Easy.

    Almost a suggestive way to encourage hardcore and label the casual user as such.

    Maybe in the future they can call the easy modes–"Wii fan" and "fps lover"

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