Alien Isolation: Accolades Trailer

Hey look, an almost brand new trailer for Alien: Isolation! I say ‘almost‘ because all of the gameplay footage in this trailer is recycled from the E3 trailer. However now it has some choice quotes spliced in between the scenes from various trusted critics, for good measure.

Any Alien fan will be pleased to hear that Isolation has been nominated for over 40 E3 awards! And if you are at all excited for Alien: Isolation the trailer is worth a watch, even if it’s mostly old footage… Mostly.

Alien: Isolation screenshot shows off freakishly large Alien


It hasn’t been long since the last batch of screenshots for Alien: Isolation by The Creative Assembly that SEGA are already rolling out some new screenshots featuring the universe’s deadliest killer. This time we get to see the titular antagonist sheer size as he appears hunched back and wandering through the space station Sevastopol for the protagonist, Amanda Ripley. But that’s not all as we also get confirmation for the first time that androids will be appearing and one poor individual seemingly to have come face to face with the Xenomorph. Hit the jump to see all the new screenshots.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed gameplay trailer reveals After Burner track and more!

Today SEGA has released a brand new trailer for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed and it’s a must watch for any SEGA fan. Not only does the game looks pretty darn sweet, but it also confirms a few more tracks including an After Burner track named “Carrier Zone” where you race around air craft carriers, a track based on Starlight Carnival of Sonic Colours fame named “Galactic Parade” and a Samba de Amigo stage based on a movie studio named “Samba Studios”. But most exciting of all, for me, is that there is a track based on Skies of Arcadia, entitled “Rogues Landing”. Consider my timbers well and truly shivered! Names for previously revealed tracks have also been named: NiGHTS will race through “Dream Valley” and the special/bonus edition of the game will feature OutRun’s “OutRun Bay”.

See if you can spot anything I’ve missed, and after the break check out the first screen of the Seaside Hill track named “Ocean View.

Aliens Colonial Marines: Collectors Edition – Leaked Picture

Sega and Gearbox Software’s Aliens: Colonial Marines is getting a pretty hot Collector’s Edition. We know this thanks to a leaked shot teasing the collection.

Judging by the leak the CE will come with 3 exclusive in-game multiplayer weapons and an exclusive game mode. (We can only assume these will be available as DLC for anyone who bought the regular edition.) Those who buy the CE will also get an ‘Original USCM Dossier’ and a resin display model of someone piloting the Power Loader. It will all come in a sexy limited edition display case. Nice!

Aliens: Colonial Marines is due this spring for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Binary Domain – Japanese Gameplay Trailer

Every time I see more of Binary Domain I think it looks better and better. I’m surprised at the lack of hype surrounding this game considering it’s a third person shooter. But it wouldn’t be a great Sega game if everyone wasn’t ignoring it!

Binary Domain – Japanese Story Trailer 3

Here’s another story trailer for Binary Domain, it’s in Japanese so I can’t say much about it but I’m glad to see it looks as though it’s going to have a pretty deep plot which is what I’ve come to expect from Nagoshi and his new Yakuza Team.

I really hope this game does well for Nagoshi- he really needs to break into the West with both this and Yakuza but to be honest I don’t see a lot of hype around Binary Domain so I’m not convinced. Which is a shame, the guy can’t seem to catch a break.

Binary Domain is a Squad Based shooter Created by the Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio. (Yakuza)
The game is planned for a world-wide release on February 2012 for PS3 and Xbox360.

[Thanks Suzuki Yu]

Sonic Generations Launch Trailer and a Rant…

Check out the Sonic Generations launch trailer, not long to wait now!
The game is generally scoring in the 8/10 region, which I think is well deserved.

Of course there is always one isn’t there? This time Tim Turi of Game Informer was the culprit. He took all but 4 minutes out of his life to write four paragraphs and call it a professional review. He gave Sonic Generations 6.75/10, I won’t provide a link to the ‘review’ because he decided to spoil the ending in it.

His reason for giving the game a mediocre rating? Apparently all post Dreamcast era levels ruin the game for him! Yep, somehow the aesthetic alone or perhaps simply knowing they are from post Dreamcast era has made the level design terrible. I suspect that Tim didn’t get the memo that they aren’t actually the SAME levels, they simply share the same aesthetic as the original levels.

Why would Sega pass up full level tributes to Sonic 3 or Sonic CD in favor of a remixed version of a stage from Sonic Colors, which released only a year ago?
Game Informer.

I’m actually convinced that some critics wouldn’t know what made a good Sonic game if it hit them in the face. Was the concept of celebrating 20 years of Sonic lost on this guy? And why pick Planet Wisp of all levels to take out his misguided anger on? One of the best Sonic Levels in recent memory… There used to be something very wrong with Sonic games, now there is something wrong with videogame critics. I can’t believe they get paid for this shit- what a Joke.

In contrast, GameTrailers’ review was fantastic, it not only highlighted the best parts of the game, it mentioned the real issues too and does so in a truly professional manor. My hat is off to you GameTrailers!

You can see it HERE

Anarchy Reigns: Multiplayer Anarchy Trailer

Another trailer fresh from Games Com 2011, check out the Anarchy Reigns ‘Multiplayer Anarchy’ trailer. The character designers over at Platinum Games went wild with this game and the combos are stylish and brutal another of Platinum’s calling cards!

The trailer shows off game modes including Death Match (kill everyone), Survival (team up and defeat the horde) and at the end of the trailer what looks like a hint at some kind of Vs. American football style game with weapons! The trailer also shows that you can pick up items and weapons from the battlefield and use them against your enemies! Yet another similarity to Power Stone!

Anarchy Reigns will release in January 2012 for Xbox360 and PS3.

Anarchy Reigns – Durga and Garuda

Check it out, two brand new characters have been revealed for Platinum Games’ and Segas’ next new IP, Anarchy Reigns, an online beat’em’up reminiscent of Spike out or even Powerstone.

One of the most interesting things about this game is by far the character designs; usually in games where there are many characters, like fighters and brawlers, you see a lot of less-than-impressive character designs but in Anarchy Reigns there are some really awesome designs which could easily pass for protagonists for their own games.

Above is ‘Durga’ who seems to fall somewhere between comic relief and crazed bad guy. He also has guns on his knees! Hit the jump to check out ‘Garuda’, another great character, a cross between a ‘SHMUP’ ship and a transformer.

Binary Domain – New ‘Story’ Trailer

A new trailer for Nagoshi’s ‘Binary Domain’ has appeared. The trailer which has no gameplay sheds a bit more light on the games storyline and shows a few new bosses and characters. It all looks pretty cool; I’m definitely getting a bit of a Yakuza vibe in the way the characters look and move. The VA’s are pretty hit and miss though but overall I liked the trailer.

Binary Domain will release on the Xbox360 and PS3 in 2012.

Aliens: Colonial Marines – Destructoid Interview

Destructoid snagged a pretty informative interview with Brian Martel, Chief Creative Officer at Gearbox Software. In the interview they discuss key elements of the game itself (obviously) such as drop in/drop out Co-op gameplay and new Xeno types like ‘The Crusher’. They also discuss working with such talent as Ridley Scott.

Finally the attention turned to Nintendo’s new console the ‘Wii U’ and the ways it could enhance the Aliens: Colonial Marines experience. The interviewer suggests this might be the most compelling possible use of the Wii-U he has heard so far and I tend to agree. I haven’t see anything that makes me want to rush out and pick up Nintendo’s new console yet, no not even that Zelda tech demo! However the idea of using the controller screen to view the motion tracker, security cameras, hacking mini games or say, my own idea; to see through allies’ head cams would be totally awesome, even more so when they get killed and it snaps to static.

P.S Why does everyone rag on Alien3 like it was a terrible movie? It wasn’t a classic but as far as horror movies go it was pretty cool! Alien Resurrection on the other hand…

Sonic Generations – City Escape Interview & Walkthrough

So this is pretty awesome, GameSpot snagged a nice long interview with ‘new guy’ (yeah, I’ll learn your name in due time… When you live up to Aaron and Ken!) and the game director Hiroshi Miyamoto.

You can see the entire walkthrough of Green Hill Zone and City Escape in both modern and classic gameplay. It looks pretty great! Part one is above and hit the jump to see part 2!

Anarchy Reigns – Video Walkthrough

Here is a walkthrough for Sega and Platinum Games’ next title ‘Anarchy Reigns’. Anarchy Reigns is an online brawler starring many characters from the black, white, and red ultra violent Wii game MadWorld.

The spots of lag from the last time the game was shown seem to have cleared up and it appears to be running pretty smoothly.

Rise of Nightmares – E3 2011 Teaser

So here’s another teaser trailer for Rise of Nightmares, Segas’ next game for Kinect. As you may have guessed by now, Rise of Nightmares is going to be horror themed.

From the little we know about the game, you must make your way through a castle filled with zombies and other nasty things to find your girlfriend.

You do so in first person, dispatching enemies with brutal melee weapons Condemned style.

Come on Sega, show us some gameplay please!