SEGA in the Charts: Japanese Chart July 26 – 1 August 2010


For those who recall my post back at the end of June, I confirmed preorders had exceeded that of Bayonetta for Project Diva 2 and that would should be expecting sales above that of Bayonetta, but the final sales for this week has taken me by surprise and I think most people too. Read on to see how well it did.

For comparison sake, let us begin with the first week sale and total sales of the original Project Diva seen below. Please keep in mind we here at SEGAbits usually use Media Create numbers for charts, but archieved numbers and total lifetime sales we use Famitsu (Which is used in the chart below) 

[PSP] Hatsune Miku: Project Diva – 101,486 / 186,746 

The original Project Diva launched at the same time as Wii Sports Resort, Tomadichi Collection and other notable titles still charting were Monster Hunter and Wii Fit. Based on Famitsu’s number (A different tracker from Media Create) It had an impressive debut and was one of SEGA’s biggest opennings for a handheld title and it went on to become SEGA’s fourth most successful title on the Playstation Portable. Now onto the sales of the sequel which, as I said, beat expectations.

02. / 00. [PSP] Hatsune Miku: Project Diva 2 – 241.000 / NEW 

Project Diva 2 not only beats the original’s first week sales, it also manages to sell the lifetime sales of the original plus it’s budget re-release in just under a week’s worth of sales. If Famitsu report similar sales, we are looking at over double first week sales for the sequel and no doubt one of the biggest shocks in the Japanese charts for sometime now. However the game just narrowly lost out to first position in the Media Create charts to Capcom’s Devil Kings 3, the Playstation 3 version beating Project Diva 2 by only 2,000 units.

Although we have no indication on how long the title will continue to sales, preorders were quite strong before general release for the title and it has obviously translated in massive increase in sales for the series. With children having time off from school until the end of August, it would not be too surprising to see continued strong sales for the next chart. As it stands Project Diva 2 is SEGA’s fourth most successful title on the Playstation Portable and overall around the 34th best selling Playstation Portable title in Japan overall.

With both Yakuza New Chapter: Black Panther and K-On! (Both featuring in Famitsu’s most wanted titles in Japan) coming by September, SEGA can except to see further strong sales in the Japanese region and are already making leeway for their target in Japan this quarter, to have shipped 980,000 units. Consider at the very least another 739,000 units too go.


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  1. Ali says:

    Wooot!! I hope it will come out some day on a real console, not only PSP. For sure this is gonna be a big franchise for the next years.

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