SEGA Channel Retro: Enduring the Pressure of School with Valkyria Chronicles II

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Bartman3010 is heading off to school to become a better man and embrace wacky school hi-jinks in Valkyria Chronicles II along with other SEGA PSP titles. The live video should be airing shortly after you read this.

You can also expect bird harassment, InstantSonic, Sonic Rivals, Outrun 2006 – Coast 2 Coast and Power Stone Collection.

Valkyria Chronicles 3 Fan Translation Makes First Release


Christmas came…on time apparently. The group behind the fan translation of Valkyria Chronicles 3 has put out their first release on Christmas day. Its not complete, but at least about 90% done. It is only compatible with the Extra Edition that can also be patched with a copy purchased and downloaded from the Japanese store. Further instructions and the patch itself can be obtained from their website.

The release has gone off to a slightly rocky start due to some ISO patching issues which have since been fixed, but congratulations to the team for keeping the project going for it’s dedicated fan base.

New Valkyria Chronicles 3 videos

Andriasang has posted up new Valkyria Chronicles 3 videos with well typed out descriptions of each video. I’m really tired, so instead of making you read my broken grammar, I will just be quoting the expertly typed out descriptions by Andriasang.

This first video is basically an overview of everything:

SEGA announces Football Manager 2011


A new entry in SEGA’s highly successful and critically acclaimed series, Football Manager, has been announced for release before Christmas 2010 and available on PC, Mac and Playstation Portable. In Football Manager, players take on the role of manager of a number of football clubs or national team manager and guide the team to glory by meeting targets set by the board, which, depending on which club you pick can range from winning a trophy, being promoted or surviving relagation. Speaking of the announcement, Miles Jacobson from Sports Interactive said;

“We always strive to give the end-user the best experience possibleInteractive. The training system, for example, has always been the best we thought it could be, until now. We’ve found a way to make it even better.”

Continue on to read the full Press Release and find out the new features available in the lastest installment.