Rumor: SEGA working on Valkyria Chronicles 3?

Even though its not a ‘omg its real’ find, someone at NeoGAF did a whois search for and it turns out its  owned by SEGA. SEGA buys names all the time, but sometimes we find out about upcoming games by what domains they buy.

Take for example Sonic Colours (or colors) was found due to a domain. So I guess it does happen, but that is why its always filed as a rumor. I hope if its true, its on PS3.


2 responses to “Rumor: SEGA working on Valkyria Chronicles 3?

  1. PS3 or Multi-platform would be great.

  2. Sharky says:


    I imagine it'll be PS3 exclusive again though, which is better then PSP exclusive if you ask me.

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