Yakuza 3 DLC coming to PSN for a fee

Amazon has posted a list of downloadable PSN items coming this Tuesday. In that list, there was Yakuza 3 “Challenge Pack.” This is the DLC that was given away if you pre-ordered the game.

“This bonus Challenge Pack will allow you to enjoy 2-player mini games, competing against your friends at Pool, Bowling, Darts and Golf. You will also be able to customize the principle characters with four alternative costumes for Kazuma, Haruka and Rikiya. (A Completed game save file required to access some of this content.)

Only issue? Its not free, they will be charging $3.99 for it. All this content was free for Japan, not so much (unless you pre-ordered) for us in the West. Feels good man.

[Source: Amazon]


2 responses to “Yakuza 3 DLC coming to PSN for a fee

  1. matty says:

    It's cheaper than going out to town, but why make excuses… it's like kicking yourself on the nuts with your own foot :/

  2. Sega Uranus says:

    Oh this is such a relief. I really did not want to miss out on Haruka in a bikini.

    I mean… Uhh… Kazuma luchadore outfit is neat!

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