Download the Yakuza PSP demo now!

4Gamer has the link to download the upcoming Black Panther: Yakuza New Chapter demo. The demo clocks in at 192mb and is obviously all in Japanese.

You don’t need a PSN account, just go here and scroll down till you see what you see above. Click that button, download and enjoy.


4 responses to “Download the Yakuza PSP demo now!

  1. SOUP says:

    Thanks for the post.

    Downloaded, and just waiting for the system update to finish.

  2. Sega Stylista says:

    Thanks, George. I really appreciate it. Nice find.

  3. Shaddix says:

    Nice Find thanks for sharing, I've never played Yakuza so this was my first taste of the series and I really enjoyed the demo even though I didn't understand one thing in the game I still enjoyed the demo will have to look into the main series once I get a PS3 & maybe getting this game aswell =]

  4. George says:

    No problem, glad you enjoyed the demo.

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