SEGAbits Monthly August 2010 issue

Alright, so I sort of intended to do this monthly but I was on vacation for the July issue. I apologize. So here is August’s round up of stories. Sadly, this month is a bit shallow with orginal content, we are going to deliver tons of original stuff for the September round up.

Original Content

Games Announced



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4 responses to “SEGAbits Monthly August 2010 issue

  1. Sharky says:

    Awesome, best round up yet!

    A great month for Sega, Sega fans and Segabits.

  2. I love this feature. It has more content than a usual gaming mag and is free! Thanks for the Dreamcast Party support!

  3. fluffymoochicken says:

    Can I write "Original Content" for you guys? =)

  4. matty says:

    Oh man, I'd love for the SegaBits 'zine to be real! Having out the issue when it should have been released two months ago – baby, we got a stew goin'! All it needs is a bold header saying "AKI GONE WILD".

    Really, the layout is very nicely done! Most people suck customizing Tony Taka's artwork.

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