SEGAbits Monthly August 2010 issue

Alright, so I sort of intended to do this monthly but I was on vacation for the July issue. I apologize. So here is August’s round up of stories. Sadly, this month is a bit shallow with orginal content, we are going to deliver tons of original stuff for the September round up.

Weekend reading: SEGA games underrated and overlooked?

Another week and another time for me to show you some good stories I read around the interwebs, today I give you two list that list SEGA’s games as ‘underrated’ or ‘overlooked’. Isn’t that odd? Especially considering that the ‘underrated’ list has games that rated rather well, like Demon’s Souls did better with critics than Final Fantasy XIII (as did Valkyria Chronicles).

If you’re an American, enjoy 4th of July, which is today (look at the post date). Get drink, come on SEGAbits and click random links. Please, don’t forget to leave a drunken message, you know how much we love those.

SEGAbits Monthly June 2010 E3 issue

Not only is this our first issue, but its also our E3 issue. That is, if we actually ran a magazine. Wouldn’t that be something? Here are some of my favorite stories from this month. What stories did you enjoy?

If you didn’t come on the site or on the computer for awhile, this is the post you want to check. We round up some of the best content and deliver it to you via hyperlinks. Sounds complicated? All you do is click and the content is yours.