Rise of Nightmares teaser trailer

Here is a teaser trailer for one of the lesser known games Sega announced at Tokyo Game Show. Rise of Nightmares. The game is exclusive for Microsoft’s Kenect.

I can’t take much away from this teaser trailer; the graphics aren’t blowing my mind though… I guess I’ll have to see more.


3 responses to “Rise of Nightmares teaser trailer

  1. Ulala5 says:

    You're right the graphic dosen't look very good but i just like the idea to play an horror game with kinect, should be funny 🙂 I'm happy they're trying to do some different game other than party games

  2. The way they treat the text looks totally like House of the Dead. Here's hoping it's a spin off like Zombie Revenge was!

  3. Sega Uranus says:

    The lines the characters are screaming are a good example about how I feel about Move and Kinect games.

    But this gives me major The House of the Dead vibes. If it is a spinoff to that series (which it really should be) then they should have the series name as a subtitle or something. Rise of Nightmares: The House of the Dead or The House of the Dead: Rise of Nightmares. Both come off the tongue quite well I think.

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