Shining Hearts gameplay video

Check out this gameplay video of Shining Hearts curtacy of

I have mixed feelings about this game, the new art direction of this series is not my thing. However I really like these old style sprites looking models with big heads like classic Shining series. Oh and I see at least one Beastman.

Time will tell if this game can live up to the classic shining series, but I wont be holding my breath.


6 responses to “Shining Hearts gameplay video

  1. CrazyTails says:

    In my opinion, even the gameplay fails.

  2. Centrale says:

    Oh, you've gotten a chance to play it?!

  3. CrazyTails says:

    Nope I haven't, can't I dislike a game just by looking at it ?

  4. I think it could be fun. I like this style of gameplay way better than Resonance of Fate.

  5. upsidedown fuji says:

    Not as bad as I was expecting but I'm not a fan of the character art and I think the screen is really cluttered with all the party member stats on screen. I hope the story is good enough. I could see myself giving it a shot.

  6. matty says:

    The last game wasn't released outside Japan, was it?

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