Sega attending ‘GAMEfest’

Videogame retail store ‘GAME’ are holding an event in Madrid this year, known as GAMEfest with hopes that one day it will be as big as Tokyo Game Show, E3 and GamesCom. (Good luck!)

Sega Europe will be attending bringing their upcoming releases to the event. Although no list of games has been announced I’ll bet Vanquish, Sonic Colours and Sonic 4 will be there amongst others. *Crosses fingers for a new Shogun 2 Total War demonstrations!*

If you’re interested in attending, the event is being held from October 8th to the 10th in the exhibition site Recinto Ferial Juan Carlos I de Madrid. Doors will be open from 10am to 8pm and tickets can be bought at for 3,00€ each, but unfortunately only Friday and Sunday tickets are still available. Saturday appears to be sold out.

So if anyone is interested in going, Sega will be at booth 17! Here is the official site with info. (In spanish.)

[Thanks to Sonic Stadium]


2 responses to “Sega attending ‘GAMEfest’

  1. CrazyTails says:


    Just for information, here in holland were also getting a pretty good game conference which sega will also be attending with their games.

    These 2:


    * Vanquish

    * Shogun Total War 2 (PC)

    I watched a video on their website where they said the director himself was going to show up talking and playing about the game. It's an exclusive.

  2. CrazyTails says:

    Ow yeah the event is called firstlook, check out the website.

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