Preorder Vanquish, get Bayonetta free! (Europe only)

I think I have just found the best deal of all time!

For a limited time only, if you pre-order Vanquish from not only will you get the fancy special edition game sleeve but you’ll get Bayonetta completely free. Unfortunately for those amongst us that are not in Europe this deal is not open to you, sorry. The deal is Europe only I’m afriad.

Now if you haven’t already got Bayonetta then slap yourself on the wrist. Bayonetta is fantastic… Vanquish is shaping up to be just as addictive and just as fun. So this deal is a must for those of you with no Bayonetta to show for yourself. Hell, this deal is so good it’s pretty much a must for everyone.



One response to “Preorder Vanquish, get Bayonetta free! (Europe only)

  1. CrazyTails says:

    I'd advice for those who don't own bayonetta yet to click that link straight away.

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