Typing of the Dead is back

[Ah, we meet again.]

SEGA is going to bring back Typing of the Dead, with the help of Rakuten’s job placement assistance site Minna no Shuushoku Katsudou Nikki. Just like the original, you have to fend off zombie attacks by typing the words on screen. Only this time the words are changing.

SEGA surveyed Minna no Shuushoku Katsudou Nikki members and collected over 3,000 words that related to hunting jobs, these are the words that are used to fend off zombies in one of the game’s 4 modes, rightfully named “Job Hunting Mode.”

The game comes out tomorrow (October 7th) on PC, at the low price of ¥2,300 (about $28 USD). SEGA West, where the hell is my Steam version?


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