Yuji Naka’s HD console game not published by SEGA

[First scan/concept art of the upcoming game]

Yuji Naka’s upcoming game has been teased in Famitsu and it won’t be published by SEGA. The game will be published by Kadokawa Games. Never heard of them? I don’t blame you, all they have done was a port of RPG Maker for DS and some other girl anime game. But it seems the company wants to become bigger, first step is with the Yuji Naka HD game (along with a game by Grasshopper).

“The game itself is an action title that takes place in the sky. The action gameplay is what I’m focusing on the most with this project — interactivity is the most important attraction with any sort of game, and if that doesn’t evolve, then games won’t be everything they can be. Sonic was all about completely taking over the land, and Nights brought that same concept into the skies. I had always thought that action games that take place in the sky are too hard for players to cope with, but then I thought up a new method for dealing with it. That’s how this project got started. If I had stuck around at Sega, then I might have used this concept to make a sequel to Nights!”  – Yuji Naka (Prope)

It is most likely that SEGA passed on publishing Yuji Naka’s title. Most likely due to how poor a bigger known IP like NiGHTS did on Wii and how he compares the concept to that or it could be due to how poor Let’s Tap did. We will never know. We wish Naka luck with his new title and if its good, of course we will all be playing it, regardless of publisher.

[Source: 1up]


2 responses to “Yuji Naka’s HD console game not published by SEGA

  1. That's too bad, but regardless the game will be the same as it would be with or without SEGA publishing. Looking forward to this, Draco and Child of Eden. The holy trinity of non-SEGA SEGA games!

  2. cube_b3 says:

    He might have used it with NiGHTS?

    The man is getting really desperate here now having 2 games away from Sega, and the 1st game away from a recognized publisher.

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