How well is Sonic 4 doing on XBLA?

Pretty well, it seems. According tot he latest charts, released by FADE (Forecasting and Analyzing Digital Entertainment) it came in number 2 for October, selling 98,000 Units. So who took the number one spot for the month? Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, which had longer to sell and was 400 points, compared to Sonic 4’s 1200. But it didn’t beat Sonic 4 by that much, only 6,000 units.

If that was not enough, Microsoft’s sales jumped 91% for October, thanks to big titles like Super Meat Boy, Dead Rising: Case Zero and of course Sonic 4.

[Source: CVG]


8 responses to “How well is Sonic 4 doing on XBLA?

  1. Monkeroony says:

    I imagine sales on xbla were higher in October because there was a deal that involved spending 2400 points to get 800 free.

  2. Sharky says:

    well that's just swell.

    Sonic 4 was very enjoyable, glad it worked out… Now fix the problems the first game had and all will be dandy.

  3. Gator says:

    Sonic is doing pretty good, as usual. I wonder how many haters ended up buying it..

  4. upsidedown fuji says:

    Good to hear it sold well enough. The game, for all the bashing it gets, ain't that bad. I don't see myself playing through it again now that I've unlocked every achievement and ranked as high as I want to on various levels.

    I'm looking forward to episode 2. Hopefully episode 2 will bring some better replay value into it and maybe even iron out a few hiccups episode 1 had.

  5. So 98,000 times $15 is $1,470,000

    ooh la la!

  6. Sharky says:

    Barry you must remember that MS/Sony etc probably get a cut of each sale.

    But then again this is JUST the XBLA version of the game. Wouldn't mind seeing the numbers with PSN, WiiWare and the iPhone versions.

  7. Kori-Maru says:

    Just to sound ghetto, I beat the bleep out the game with all achievements in day. Now I'm all ready for episode 2. I'm glad I bought all four copies of the game to support it for the next episode.

    Probably a bit more on PSN.

  8. Grant360 says:

    Great figures for a multi-platform download title. I would imagine the PSN version would do around half of what the 360 version did and the iPhone version should be about on par with the WiiWare version the weakest (although don't quote me). Meaning this has gone very well in its first month for SEGA. I wonder how Sonic Adventure did as sales of that looked pretty strong too!

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