SEGA talks fall line up and sales expectations

SEGA released some big hits in the beginning of the year, but so far hasn’t really set the charts on fire during the last few months.

But SEGA expects to do big numbers this Fall. New SEGA Europe boss, Jurgen Post, spoke about the latest SEGA titles and their expectations. SEGA wants to have a 10% attach rate for Sonic  Free Riders, he says the game’s success will depend on its hardware (Kinect).

“Sonic Colours will be a hit on Wii and DS, whilst Football Manager is a big focus for us, bigger than ever before. Vanquish will be a challenge because it is a new IP arriving in October with so many other great games, but it is a very good product and therefore has a chance of doing well. Sonic and Football Manager are pillars for us, as is Total War, which returns with a brand new title due out sometime next year. It is of course nice to have several video game hits, but our focus here at Sega is very much on hitting targets and being profitable.” – Jurgen Post

SEGA is also going to re-promote Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing and Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games. Just because they are old, doesn’t mean they can’t still sell.

[Source: MCV]


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  1. Awesome on re-promoting SASASR. It really deserves more recognition.

  2. crackdude says:

    I like big games. And I cannot lie.

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