Shenmue City update shows returning shops

[Flowers? Do you guys sale anything useful?]

Shenmue City website has been updated with a flash thing, that has scrolling city shops. If you put your mouse over the shop, you get a picture of the owner, see Nozomi up above.

It also seems the game will exclusive shops or at least shop owners. Tell me what new stuff you guys find. Also confirmed via twitter is that the game is in the last stages of development.  All I can say is, needs more Tom’s Hot Dogs.

[Thanks: Supa]


4 responses to “Shenmue City update shows returning shops

  1. Supa says:

    Forgot all about that. I wonder if we will be able to travel to the harbor with this game?

    And what's with the random Shenmue blimp flying above? Ha, thanks for posting.

  2. Sharky says:

    I'm going to be playing this game just to support it. When Im nto playing it I'll just have it running in the background.

  3. It warms my heart to see the faces of old friends again.

    Also, I'm stoked for the brand new side stories that we'll hear! I'd love to learn more about the townspeople.

  4. Supa says:

    Yeah, that's one of the most intriguing parts of the game to me, the stories cut from Shenmue I.

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