Oh God! Kinect + Hatsune Miku = your perverted fantasies

Hatsun Miku fans are the odd, probably odder than Sonic fans. Actually no, they aren’t odder, just a different type of odd. Here is another PC Kinect hack that will send the freaks flying. OpenNI, Kinect and MikuMikuDance software, you can move her 3-D model around. Its not perfect, like the lower body tracking.

Regardless, pretty interesting stuff. I guess this will sell some Kinect units in Japan. Maybe SEGA will be interested in bringing a official game over? Here is another video to fap to.

[Source: Siliconera]


One response to “Oh God! Kinect + Hatsune Miku = your perverted fantasies

  1. Pretty cool! The feet probably aren't working due to him not having his feet appear in the frame. When you don't show your feet, the kinect doesn't know where your knees are connecting.

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