Sonic 20th Anniversary Action Figure Collection Revealed! (drools)

Just when I thought Jazwares has taken all the money they could take from me, they reveal this epic collection! Jazwares is celebrating Sonic’s 20th in style by producing figures that span his 20 year career. These photos found online were snapped at JazWares’ booth at the 2011 UK Toy Fair. One collection revealed is “Sonic Through Time”, which will depict the various designs of Sonic over the years. Photos reveal a 1991 Sonic and a 2008 Sonic, but I’m sure we’ll also see a 1999 and perhaps 2011 model as well. Very cool. After the jump, Eggman takes center stage.

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3 responses to “Sonic 20th Anniversary Action Figure Collection Revealed! (drools)

  1. Sharky says:

    This is pretty sexy, I'm not often drawn to Sonic figures, or figures in general but I do like the look of these 20th anniversary throw backs to classic Sonic.

  2. The 12" Classic Sonic looks great, and would probably retail for $20, which is waaaaay cheaper than those $150+ statues.

  3. CrazyTails says:

    Classic sonic ftw

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