AOU 2011 – Sega Booth Tour

Another year another AOU show and another strong show for Sega.
Let me give you a rundown of Segas most noteworthy games at the show.

Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown – The newest available version of VF5.
Lets go Island 3D – Which uses 3D tech with out the need for glasses.
Star Horse and Star Boat – Simulate a betting office.
Chaos Code – A brand new 2D fighter.
MJ5 – A majong game with some pretty graphics.
Super Money Ball Ticket Blitz – Still a little lost on this one to be honest.
Sega and Sonic All-Star Racing Arcade – Port of the home console version.
Project Diva Arcade – It’s project Diva but with sexy graphics.
Shining Force Cross Raid – An online dungeon crawler.
Darts Live – It’s darts and it’s live.
Border Break: Air Burst – Team Fortress style mech action.
AnswerXAnswer Live – Multiplayer quick-fire general knowledge game.

Also at the show were UFO catchers, a Baseball Card collection booth and some obscure children’s games.

Hit the jump for more videos!

Lets go Island 3D trailer.

Star Boat and Star Horse gameplay.

Star Boat Trailer.

AOU 2011 show floor sweep


One response to “AOU 2011 – Sega Booth Tour

  1. Truesonic says:

    Looking good, for the most part Sega still has some of the top games in Japan. VF5:FS, Border Break: Air Burst, Project Diva etc. I was hoping they would have some new games to display but I suppose that will have to wait until TGS.

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