Let’s Go Island arcade now shipping in US

You can now buy SEGA’s sequel to Let’s Go Jungle, titled Let’s Go Island in the United States. If you own a small business, why not pack this odd ball title for your clients to spend their change?

Yeah, I know an arcade is a big investment. Hit the jump for that press release.

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SEGA Set’s January Release of LET’S GO ISLAND – Sequel to Smash Hit Let’s Go Jungle

Elk Grove Village, IL January 12, 2011 – SEGA’s set to release Let’s Go Island – follow up to their hugely successful Let’s Go Jungle franchise. Production games begin shipping in January.

About Let’s Go Island
Let’s Go Island continues the adventures on Ben and Nora, the comical characters first introduced in Let’s Go Jungle. They’re R&Ring on a South Pacific Island for a diving tour but before their boat arrives at their resort, trouble finds them ‘again’. This time it’s a pack of modern day pirates taking them captive and forcing them to help the gang find sunken treasure.

A series of ‘mis’-adventures unfolds hurling Ben and Nora through a variety of fast paced challenges that take place on the water, under the water, on the island and inside the island – each with its own array of enemies to combat and dangers to overcome.

Let’s Go Island features many ‘mini games’ to entertain and test player’s skills. The mini game events require players work together to get the best results and highest scores.

Let’s Go Island features more game play stages than its predecessor and an upgrade in video graphics creating an incredibly detailed environment rich with color, subtle shading and loads of action. The end result is an immersive entertainment experience that will keep your guests playing again and again until they make it off the island.

The cabinet for Let’s Go Island follows the games nautical theme. Players sit in an open cockpit made to look like a captain’s bench on a sports boat. This design enhances a location’s environment by letting guests see the monitor and share in the adventure.

Sega have consciously broadened the opportunity for a variety of locations and budgets by creating three Let’s Go Island versions:

42” HD LCD Deluxe Motion  /32” HD LCD Upright LCD (Artist Rendering of 32″ HD LCD Upright LCD)

47” HD LCD Deluxe Non Motion (not pictured)

Let’s Go Island is so much fun to play!” said sales topper, Vince Moreno. “The game takes you on a wild ride where you battle with a giant octopus, an army of giant crabs, a school of man-eating sharks and tons of other exhilarating adventures. It unfolds like a movie with plot lines, developed characters, and incredible action and just like a movie, players will want to see this one to the end and that’s going to mean lots and lots of repeat play.

I love the mini games!” stated senior salesman, Tom Keil. “Most games pit player against player but the mini games in Let’s Go Island encourage players to work together for the best results. This fast paced, action adventure game will have you feeling like you just got off a roller coaster!

For more information, please contact your Local Authorized Sega Distributor or Sega Sales Representative:

Tom Keil: (224) 659-4322 or Tom.Keil@SAU.Sega.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Vince Moreno: (224) 265-4271 or Vince.Moreno@SAU.Sega.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Pete Gustafson: (224) 265-4281 or Peter.Gustafson@SAU.Sega.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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