3DS Game Gear VC Launch Line Up Revealed

Yesterday we brought you news that Game Gear games were heading to the 3DS’ Virtual Console service! Today, we’ve got details on the first few games to hit the service. Currently, these games are only confirmed for Japan. Full list after the break.

Sonic Triple Trouble

Known as Sonic & Tails 2 in Japan, Sonic Triple Trouble was essentially the handheld equivalent of Sonic 3. It introduced fan favorite Nack the Weasel and was easily the best and most complete Sonic game to ever hit the Game Gear. It was right up there with the Genesis games in my opinion, and if you’ve somehow missed both its original release and its subsequent re-releases on Gamecube and Wii, now’s your chance!

Sonic Drift 2

SEGA made the odd choice of releasing their answer to Nintendo’s technically impressive Mario Kart on the Game Gear. Featuring a handful of items and a surprisingly good sense of speed, Sonic Drift 2 is a bit better than many give it credit for. That said, Mario Kart this is not.


Known as The GG Shinobi in Japan, this is not a port of the Master System version of Shinobi, but is in fact an original game made specifically for the system. Though this is a Shinobi game, it actually takes some cues from Megaman. It features a nonlinear level select system. The objective of each level is to rescue a ninja. Once the ninja is rescued, you can switch to that ninja at any time and use his unique abilities to get through the other levels.

Dragon Crystal

Easily the most obscure game on this list, Dragon Crystal is a rogue-like RPG – think Shiren the Wanderer – which was released for both the Master System and the Game Gear. It puts the place in the middle of a 30 floor maze. Each floor is littered with random items and enemies. Needless to say that given the rogue-like nature of the game, it’s incredibly hard.


Can’t have a handheld without a game featuring falling block! Columns was essentially a good falling block puzzle game in the vein of Tetris. Unlike Tetris, however, you clear blocks by connecting the same colored blocks together.



4 responses to “3DS Game Gear VC Launch Line Up Revealed

  1. Essay says:

    I am so sold–Triple Trouble and Drift 2 are my favorite Game Gear games. Shinobi is a welcome addition and Columns and Dragon Crystal give some variance.

  2. SOUP says:

    Triple Trouble's probably the best Game Gear game that I've played. I wonder if the framerate will be more solid when it's emulated.

  3. SMT Xero says:

    what ever happened to this?

  4. Barriano says:

    Um, how about we get GBA and Turbografx-16 games, as advertised? Game Gear had SHIT games! Sotty, eets turue!

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