High Voltage says they can still push the Wii

High Voltage is best known for their game engine for the Wii called Quantum3. Quantum3 was billed to bring pixel shaders and other HD console effects to the weaker Nintendo Wii hardware.

The guys at the studio have been asked if they could still push the Wii further:

“Yes. It definitely can, but you need a lot of experience with the hardware. I would say that Conduit 2, in many ways, is not really achieving the system’s full potential. Every time we do a game on Wii, we find little advancements we can make with the hardware that we didn’t know we could do with the last game.” – High Voltage Art Director Matt Corso

Matt Corso of High Voltage stated that if they get a chance to make a 3rd Conduit game that it will push the Wii further. I hear a ton of talk about how the Wii can do so much, but do you believe there is a ton of horse power still left?

[Source: NowGamer]


5 responses to “High Voltage says they can still push the Wii

  1. ShadiWulf says:

    lol high voltage software, that's all I got to say :3

  2. I don't understand the drive to push the wii and make games that are almost as advanced as what they could do on an HD console.

  3. -nSega54- says:

    ^Cheaper development costs.

  4. Essay says:

    This particular comment doesn't surprise me.  Developers are always finding new in-roads to make their games look better on dated hardware.  High Voltage Software is a developer, I think, that really wants to explore the Wii's potential.  Everyone was rightly impressed when they (HVS) first demo'ed the Quantum 3 engine–no one expected that level of detail from the Wii, even if it was just a tech-demo at the time.  Similarly, they went more in-depth with control customization than any other game at the time with the first Conduit.

    I'd be more than happy to see a Conduit 3.  (Jumping the gun a bit, as we're still waiting on Con2it.)

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