Spiral Knights – Enlist with SEGAbits, fight to the core!

[Get into the beta: Sign up here! All gone!]

I’ve spent the last two days playing ‘Spiral Knights’, Published by Sega and developed by Three Rings (of Puzzle Pirates fame) Spiral Knights is a free MMO-Action game which plays in a similar way to Phantasy Star Online.

Based on what I have played so far the game is a very enjoyable experience. It’s quite easy to get into and understand what’s going on, right off the bat. Unlike many MMO’s where you can often find yourself bogged down with fetch quests, waiting ages for people to play with and hundreds of items to sift through, Spiral Knights is light on all of that nonsense.
Mush like PSO you can hop in and out at any time and find a party in moments of logging in.

Interestingly your character doesn’t level up; instead all of the items you have equip level up including your weapons, shield and helmet. Like the original PSO you can journey into dungeons with four allies, use swords and guns, collect items, loot and more.

There are multiple dungeon entrances and they each lead to new areas, apparently you will never experience the exact same dungeon twice. Interestingly, you can effect how new dungeons are created by collecting crystals in levels and feeding them to a crystal collecting machine outside of locked levels. Depending on the element/colour of the crystal it will affect the newly created levels which open up on a regular basis. (Someone correct me if I am wrong but this is what I understand!)

The game looks great both graphically and artistically with bright colourful and fun dungeons and towns. The sound track is fitting and quite enjoyable.

Spiral Knights is completely free to play and installation is as easy is pie! The game uses online shops where you buy items and energy with real money if you so choose. However the game can be played quite easily with out spending a dime.

I want to see as many Segabit readers playing Spiral Knights as possible! To celebrate the Spiral Knights Beta, Sega has given us our own sign up link. Use up all the codes!

Leave your characters name in the comments so we can add each other.


20 responses to “Spiral Knights – Enlist with SEGAbits, fight to the core!

  1. George says:

    My character is called: Angelcoma.  Add me, but I warn you, my internet is acting up the last few days. 😉

  2. Sharky says:

    I should probably mention mine is called… Wait for it… 'Sharky'

    Who'd have guessed!?

  3. ShadiWulf says:

    my character is called Shadineko, no surprise there, right? xP

  4. crackdude says:

    I'm Crackdude. lol


    This seems fun!

  5. I am "Barry", hear me roar.

  6. Centrale says:

    I'm on there as Centrale.  Really cool art direction, I like it so far.

  7. F-D_M says:

    I am "deefy", the game is enjoyable and visually attractive.

  8. Essay says:

    Not sure how much I'll be able to play, but it'll be "Essay."

  9. SMT_Xero says:

    the code expired D:

  10. CrazyTails says:

    Yeah it has. 🙁

  11. Sharky says:

    I'll see if I can possibly get some more…

  12. ShadiWulf says:

    Arstechnica is giving away 500 spots.


    They are a pretty popular site though, so you'll need to act fast.

  13. Mengels7 says:

    I was trying to sign up last night and the server had gone to hell, and this morning it is expired 🙁

  14. It's pretty fun so far.

  15. Went over to Sega Nerds, they don't have any codes. Segabits rules!

  16. Segaismysavior. Digging the game so far.

  17. DJLuis-KC says:

    Hey there, guys!

    Anyone playing the game tonight?

    I've added some of you during the preview. My name's Mr-KC.

  18. NiGHTSfan says:

    Hey everyone, I'm…..Nightsfan. Hehehe.

    I'm gonna add all of you guys, been an avid reader since the site started, and I really dig this game. Hit me up sometime!!

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