SEGA announces co-op shooter Renegade Ops

SEGA announced that it will be publishing Avalanche Studios‘ (Developers of Just Cause) Renegade Ops  later this year. The game will be a downloadable title on Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network and PC digital download.

“Renegade Ops is SEGA’s first new IP on the digital space and we are thrilled with the remarkable visual look and extensive features that the game has to offer. It has been a great opportunity to work with a team as successful as Avalanche Studios,”- Haruki Satomi, Vice President of Digital Business at SEGA.

The game will allow players to play co-op offline 2 player split screen or up to 4 players online.  The game has you trying to stop Inferno, a madman trying to take over the world.

For the press release, hit the jump.

LONDON & SAN FRANCISCO (30 March , 2011) — SEGA® Europe Ltd. and SEGA® of America, Inc. are excited to announce Renegade Ops™, a new digitally downloadable military co-op shooter. Created by Swedish developer Avalanche Studios, Renegade Ops will unleash unprecedented mayhem and exhilarating destruction via Xbox LIVE® Arcade for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, the PlayStation®Network and PC Digital Download in 2011.

Renegade Ops puts players in a mobile commando unit sent behind enemy lines to defeat Inferno, a madman intent on global domination. Defeat enemies across a range of stunning environments using a wide variety of vehicles, from dispersing electromagnetic shock waves to the deployment of a huge Gatling gun armed to the teeth. Players have the choice to fight alone in single player mode, team up offline with two-player split screen or join the dynamic 4-player online co-op experience. Blast your way through enemy lines by working together, or compete for achievements as you and your friends aim to top the online leader boards.

“Renegade Ops is Avalanche Studios’ first strategic step into the world of digitally downloaded games, but certainly not the last. With a strong foundation in our unique technology, we can allow our teams working on digitally downloaded games to unleash their creativity,” commented Linus Blomberg Executive Producer at Avalanche Studios.

“A number of developers in the studio wanted to try developing a smaller digital project, so we gathered a team, built a new IP and SEGA gave us the opportunity to carry this out. The IP is all about driving or flying around blowing stuff up while playing with your friends and that to us, is a dream-project,” comments Andreas Thorsén, Senior Producer.

Unleash your full arsenal of weapons and destroy anything that stands in your path as you battle to protect the free world in any way possible. Madman Inferno, the commander of a sinister terrorist organisation, has detonated a devastating bomb to demonstrate the power of his new deadly weapon. Furious at the world’s leaders decision not to fight against Inferno, General Bryant has recruited a crack team of military specialists, known as the Renegade Ops, from around the globe to wage war against Inferno’s promise of world domination.

“Renegade Ops is SEGA’s first new IP on the digital space and we are thrilled with the remarkable visual look and extensive features that the game has to offer. It has been a great opportunity to work with a team as successful as Avalanche Studios,”commented Haruki Satomi, Vice President of Digital Business at SEGA. “Playing Renegade Ops with friends will be a hugely enjoyable experience which will stand out above other multiplayer online co-op games”


8 responses to “SEGA announces co-op shooter Renegade Ops

  1. LOVED Just Cause 2, so it's awesome to see SEGA publishing a game from this developer. Can't wait for this!

    The magazine Gamepro is set to have an exclusive on the game in May:

  2. VyseLegend says:

    Just Cause 2 was great. Have high hopes for this.

  3. Sega Uranus says:

    Glad to hear they are expanding their horizons. I think this could do very well for SEGA if it is of decent to good quality.

    I am fairly excited.

  4. Sharky says:

    Generally I didnt enjoy playing Just Cause 2 much… Something about the enemies seemed cheap but the engine and scale was fantastic so hopefully it captures the greatness of Just Cause 2 engine but with gameplay more to my liking.

    Are there any screenshots so far?

  5. CrazyTails says:

    Nice! Isn't this like just the second "new original" Downloadable game from SEGA?

  6. Sharky says:

    Ok so I just read on another site that it'll use the Just Cause 2 engine and takes cues from the Jungle/Desert strike games…

    This could be quite good… I spent a lot of time on Desert Strike as a kid… very fun game, probably the most fun I've had with an EA game lol.

  7. George says:

    No screenshots yet.

    CrazyTails: Technically this is the first 'new IP' from SEGA. The only other 'brand new game just for XBLA' was a build on a existing IP, the licensed Happy Tree Friends game.

    SEGA Japan did that one game, that was like a NES game, called Pole's Big Adventure for Wiiware.

    As far as I know, those are the only 'original' games.

  8. CrazyTails says:

    Ah thanks for the heads up George. I was just wondering because I thought SEGA rearanged SEGA of America to manage downloadable games(or something like that). I expected to see more from there on. It's nice to finally see stuff happening. Hope there'll be more done in the future with some classic Ip's ahum *cough* streets of rage *cough*

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