ESRB says Crazy Taxi also coming to Mac and PC

ESRB has rated Crazy Taxi for Mac, PC, PSN and Xbox Live Arcade. Issue is that it has not been announced for Mac and PC yet. The game was already released on PC back in 2002.

I assume it will be up on Steam for both Mac and PC. Good news for those that own a Mac, if you own a PC, buy it again.

[Thanks: ezodagrom]


2 responses to “ESRB says Crazy Taxi also coming to Mac and PC

  1. Shadzter says:

    Cool. Just noticed the versions of Sonic Adventure listed for Xbox 360 and PS3, now says it's coming to Windows PC too.

  2. ezodagrom says:

    @Shadzter: Sonic Adventure was listed for the PC on the ESRB site at the same time as the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. 😛

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