Spiral Knights – Launch Trailer

Check out the launch trailer for Spiral Knights!

Sega published and Three Rings developed Spiral Knights is out of beta and available now to everyone! The game is completely free to install and play. While the game does adopt a in game shop system where you pay real money it is entirely possible to play the game for free.

If you were ever a fan of Phantasy Star Online, then I suggest giving Spiral Knights a try. The game features real time combat and is easy to pick up and play. You can go from the log in screen to knee deep in battle with four companions in less than a minute! The enemies are inventive and the sound track deserves a special mention. It also has a unique system were you personally can effect the lay out of the levels!

The game is available to play on pretty much every operating system including Windows, Mac OS and Linux

If you want to try it out and you really have no excuse not to, you can get started at www.spiralknights.com

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One response to “Spiral Knights – Launch Trailer

  1. Sega Uranus says:

    This is not like Phantasy Star Online at all, it is more like a top down. The Legend of Zelda game. Four Swords comes to mind.

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