Rise of Nightmares hits UK on June 15th?

At least that is what the BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) is saying, who gave it a 18-rated classification (much like ESRB). According to the source this is the first mature rated game on Kinect, so its an untapped market.

The only thing that is scaring me right now is how little we have seen about the game, usually we get some previews and trailers. We have seen a little teaser from when it was announced, no in-game stuff really or how it will play. If its true that its coming out June 15th, I hope its a decent title at least!

[Source: Gamerzines]

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One response to “Rise of Nightmares hits UK on June 15th?

  1. That's the same week as Child of Eden! If true, that's going to be a big week for Kinect.

    I still want to know who the developers are.

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