Yakuza Week: Favorite Yakuza 4 tunes

In celebration of…I guess we’re calling it Yakuza Week, (rad) I figured it would be appropriate to dedicate some time to the music of the recently-released Yakuza 4. Their soundtracks have been one area that this series has always excelled in, and Yakuza 4 is certainly no exception. The adrenaline-pumping and guitar-heavy soundtrack returns, of course, as do the power balads, and let’s not forget those crazy Japanese karaoke songs. Here are some of the songs I found to be memorable in Yakuza 4, and I encourage you to post/discuss yours in the comments section below!

The completely badass

As you get into fights towards the end of the game where Kazuma must face and destroy what feels like one wave of enemies after another, we start hearing this awesome new battle music that plays, uninterrupted, as you ascend one of the couple enemy-infested towers that you’ll be journeying up in Yakuza 4. I love this song because it not only features the ever-present guitar solos, but it also seems to take place in some weird sort of dance mix. Definitely unique and one of my favorites.

The Ballad

As those of you who have played Yakuza 4 will know, there’s actually a pretty substantial love story at the center of all the violence. Ever since Final Fantasy 10’s ending (one of my favorites) I’ve been a sucker for vocal songs in video games, and this one’s no exception. It took me a couple listens to realize it, but this ballad is actually being sung in English. Even though I can’t tell what the hell she’s singing, the song’s definitely a powerful track and it fits perfectly with the mysterious Lili, the character at the center of the game’s complex story. Not to mention the fact that they managed to work a guitar solo into this one as well.

The City

All Yakuza games have a part where your character finds himself on the run throughout the city. It’s during these moments that the normally music-free city gets an urgent song that plays on the soundtrack. Yakuza 4’s is by far my favorite of these “urgent” songs. It’s a jazzy number that perfectly captures the feeling of the city’s nightlife and it manages to feel tense without actually losing its jazzy flavor. Check it out.


Do you like the karaoke mini-game? Course you do! Check this song out. Enough said.


Last but not least, this has to be one of my favorite battle themes in the game. It’s not as in-your-face as this series’ various battle themes can sometimes be, but I still really like it and find it both relaxing, exciting, and addictive at the same time. Actually reminds me of Monkey Ball for some reason. This song always inspired me to beat the crap out of the enemies who tried to challenge my characters.

Good times.


5 responses to “Yakuza Week: Favorite Yakuza 4 tunes

  1. George says:

    It also had a pretty cool main theme song:

    Not to mention if I was a villain I would play this everywhere I went:

    I can't recall the name of the weird girly song that plays when you are in hostess maker… changing makeup.

  2. TheIrishNinja says:

    "The City" was hands down my favorite, great calls alla around. I'm glad they only had rain in Kamurocho a few times, cause it was magical when it happened.

  3. alimn says:

    YAKUZA WEEK? awesome, glad SEGA has noticed this place's HARD SEGA work.

    (I remember back in SEGA's J-Pop event at SF, when I met with the communuity guys, I introduced this site to one of them who didn't know this place, it's great to see SEGAbits+SEGA=More awesome stuff)

    Best Regards, Ali M. N

  4. Sharky says:

    Great article nSega (SL)

    On another note, alimn! our paths cross again! =)

  5. -nSega54- says:

    haha thanks sharky.

    "I’m glad they only had rain in Kamurocho a few times, cause it was magical when it happened."

    Yup. So pretty. Rain is easily one of my favorite visual effects of the HD console era, just so nice. Song's called Whisky and Rhapsody, for your info.

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