Toys”R”Us has Virtua Tennis 4 for $32.49

So money is tight, SEGA knows and has priced the HD console versions of Virtua Tennis 4 down to $50 dollars on launch. Not enough for you? You can get them at Toys”R”Us for $32.99! What about the Wii? A sexy $25.99. Nice!

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The game is getting pretty good scores in Europe and there is a playable demo on PSN… well, you could have played it if PSN was up!

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3 responses to “Toys”R”Us has Virtua Tennis 4 for $32.49

  1. That is an awesome price! Makes Amazon look like child's play.

  2. -nSega54- says:

    Not to be a downer (this is great news for people interested in the game) but I feel like I need to express this somewhere. I would have loved to have tried the demo but SEGA, for reasons beyond my understanding, made it PS3-exclusive, despite the fact that the game's multiplatform. I don't understand why SEGA would do a move that only serves to de-hype their game. I'm hoping they at least got a nice paycheck from Sony out of it…because not only did they restrict the audience for their demo to PS3 owners, but now nobody can try the demo because frigging PSN is down.

    This is what annoys me about when companies do dumb little "exclusives" like this, which only serves to fuel the fires of the console war and doesn't help their games at all.

    Reviews aren't going to be great,

    (… )

    so if the game's actually fun, a demo really would have helped its sales. That's all I have to say about that.

  3. metacritic shemtacritic. Those 7/10's come from comparing the game to TS4 and that VT4 didn't evolve as much as the reviewers hoped.

    I think that VT has always had a winning formula from day one, so of course there is little to improve on. World Tour mode looks to be a blast, mini games look fun and it looks to be a solid addition to the series. Not a reinvention or evolved Virtua Tennis, but then again as a fan I never wanted that. I just wanted a new Virtua Tennis with solid gameplay, world tour and new mini games. VT4 will deliver on all three of those.

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