UK Charts: Virtua Tennis 4 debuts at #23

Virtua Tennis 4 debuted this week at #23 on the UK charts. The game was only tracked for one day, so it isn’t a bad debut. We will have to see what happens next week. The 23rd spot is the all format charts, so it puts together all releases.

Individual charts they ranked:

  • Xbox 360: #24
  • Playstation 3: #13
  • Nintendo Wii: #27

Is it surprising that Virtua Tennis 4 preformed better on Playstation 3? Not really since it did have extras on that console, I guess PSN being down didn’t effect consumers’ choices too much. At least in the UK.

[Source: Chart-Track]


One response to “UK Charts: Virtua Tennis 4 debuts at #23

  1. CrazyTails says:

    My brother bought the wii version. Allthough it may of course not be the game at its full potential, it's really fun allready.

    Good game

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