How PSN Store downtime will affect SEGA

I have seen lots of sites covering this news, even some of them being SEGA related sites like this one. But none of them seem to point out how the PSN store will be affecting SEGA. Lets have a overview please.

SEGA was really pushing Virtua Tennis 4 for the Playstation 3. It was first announced for the console last year and even got some cool exclusive content on disc. So why does PSN store being down effect it? SEGA promised exclusive demos for PSN. The first demo hit the PSN store on April 19th, given that it is a few days from when PSN went down, I doubt many people got a chance to try it.

SEGA was set to release their PSN version of Streets of Rage 2 port on May 3rd (tomorrow) to PSN plus users and a week later for all users. Issue is that PSN Store is down. Also set to make its debut was the SEGA Genesis dynamic theme (to America, already out in Europe).

Sony held a conference on Sunday saying that online play, Playstation Home, Trophy synching, and other related abilities will be restored during the week. As for the Playstation Store, it should be up “within the month”.


4 responses to “How PSN Store downtime will affect SEGA

  1. matty says:

    My Cheevos are saved? Oh, thank you, Jesus…

    This has already hurt Aksys Games, too. They released Arcana Heart 3 the Wednesday before the network went down. Even I got screwed 'cause I bought 40 bucks worth of PSN just for that game. If it wasn't for Yakuza 4 I'd want to slide those cards through that hacker's ass right now.

    It's a niche game, so I'm worried that the near absent sales chart would discourage Aksys from releasing games like these since they keep record of it and, well, this won't look good as future reference.

    Hopefully, Sony will compensate the companies like the users are, with the month free Plus thing. If Sega and other companies are smart they should have special sales ready by then since those new members are gonna look around for the best deals.

  2. STORM! says:

    I cant see a future for PSN and Sony anymore. Oh, wait! I can see it now: falling down.

    One week+ was enough and too much time.

    Game Over for Sony and the PS3.

  3. Supa says:

    Streets Of Rage 2 was supposed to be out on the 17th, I thought…? That's what I have.

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