Creative Assembly’s secret game revealed to be Alien

From announcing political policy to now making announcements for video games, the Coalition Government of the UK has revealed that SEGA’s British based developer, the Creative Assembly, is developing a game based on the Alien franchise by 20th Century Fox. Though a genre is yet to be announced, the above image confirms that it will be a console game and will be developed by a new team from the Creative Assembly. At a press conference held today, the developer revealed that it hopes to bloster its team in Horsham, West Sussex from 160 to 200 within the year. It has also been revealed the Alien title will not be present at this year’s E3 either.

[Source: NeoGAF]


One response to “Creative Assembly’s secret game revealed to be Alien

  1. Sharky says:

    I have mixed emotions, I really love the Aliens series but I was also REALLY hoping for some kind of sequal to Viking… REALLY HOPING.

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