Mario & Sonic platformer never happened due to internal disagreement

When we where kids, growing up in the 16-bit era, we always took sides with either Sonic or Mario. But deep down inside, we always wanted to see them do a game together, an awesome platformer. Then SEGA announced Mario & Sonic Olympic series, making people angry. But why not make a platformer game?

“Prior to this project there has always been a discussion between Nintendo and Sega about bringing Sonic and Mario together somehow. But every time we talked about it, there was an issue as to exactly how we could achieve that.

These characters come from two totally different backgrounds, and have completely different worlds. If you do any kind of collaboration, you can’t just get them to run on one of the Sonic stages or vice versa. You have to create something from scratch, a neutral location. Nintendo and SEGA never managed to agree on just where or what kind of universe we could set a Mario and Sonic adventure in.

Then, some time ago, SEGA secured a license to create games based on the Olympics. At that point I came up with the idea of having Mario and Sonic compete with each other in the Olympic games setting. We proposed that idea to Nintendo and they were really positive and interested in the idea, so that is where we started building it into a concrete game proposal.” – Osamu Ohash, Producer.

Very interesting, minigames seem to be the easiest way to cash in on the brand names.

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16 responses to “Mario & Sonic platformer never happened due to internal disagreement

  1. cube_b3 says:

    Why would you want Sonic and Mario in a game together?

    That is like having Sonic and Mario in one game, sure Mario games are fun to play but the character is bland, boring, and has nothing in common with Mario.

    I can't even think of an example to compare how wrong it is to have the 2 together.

  2. cube_b3 says:

    Ever wanted an Alex Kidd or Sonic cross over?

    Ideally Crash Bandicoot or Rocket Knight are 10 times more appropriate for cross overs.

  3. George says:

    You are asking why I would want a proper cross over of the two most iconic console mascots of the early 90s? Are you serious?

  4. CrazyTails says:

    I had been saying that everytime it were mentioned and i'm glad they think the same. The 2 gameplay and worlds would just wouldn't fit.

  5. Pao says:


  6. Sharky says:

    I think it would be totally easy to make a Mario/Sonic cross over game…

    It's not like it'd need an award winning story, a simple. Dr Robotnik uses some kind of machine to merge the worlds… Or some guff like that would do the trick.

    Then you could either have, like Sonic Generations has levels for Modern and levels for Classic Sonic. You could have levels for Mario and Levels for Sonic. It would be great seeing a Mario designed level with the art direction of a Sonic 'Zone' or vise versa.

    Or how about a switch out mechanic where you can either do it manually or jump on an item trigger to swap out who you are playing as to take on challenges that best suit each character.

    Seems easy to me and would sell millions upon millions.

  7. cube_b3 says:

    If the worlds don't match the world's don't match.

    You can't get a cross over, just because 2 things are insanely popular doesn't mean they should have a cross over.

    As you can see Pao, CrazyTails and me share the exact same opinion.

    Now I know Sharky would think this is another excuse to disagree with him, but Sonic games have always been heavy on story even in a game like Sonic Generations, it has a plot. Where as Mario from what i've played there is barely any story.

    If you'd put the 2 together you need a pretty good reason and obviously the 2 teams couldn't come to an agreement.

  8. George says:

    Yes because making Mario levels for Mario and Sonic levels for Sonic would be too much trouble. I mean, its not like that is what they are doing, all they have to do is make some art style after Sonic for Mario and Mario for Sonic.

    No, that would take actual work. Lets throw them in Olympic minigames.

  9. CrazyTails says:

    But I was more thinking about the gameplay themselves. What's there to say that sonic wouldn't look shit next to mario or other way around. It's not a good idea to have alternate gameplay even if sonicteam likes to do it all the time. You'll always have one gameplay that's better than the other and especially in a case of mario and sonic, there will be competition. Now we all know which games have been better for the last decade.

    Other then that, the pride I have with SEGA/sonic in general wouldn't want me to see something like that happen. Besides, the olympic games are pretty fun games… hope this next game will not "just" be fun.

  10. I'd rather they went the general mini-game route, dropped the olympic sports theme, and just used a buttload of classic environments and characters from both series. Sort of becoming the mini-game equivalent of Marvel versus Capcom. Imagine the best games from Mario Party and the M&S Olympic titles, but you get about double the M&S characters and every stage is either a Mario or Sonic area or a crazy blend of both.

  11. Autosaver says:

    The China olympics weren't too bad, it has some value. The Winter one was MUCH better but still had some flaws. I'm hoping London makes it even better.

    Was it really hard to have a new setting for this game?

  12. cube_b3 says:

    When M&S was first announced on end of march, I prayed it was an April fools joke.

  13. Fallout911 says:

    I've been dreaming of a Sonic/Alex-Kidd crossover since I was a kid.

  14. ^ Segagaga is the closest you'll get to that for now ^

    Or a SST game of Sonic vs. Alex or SASASR.

  15. Sharky says:

    If you can’t see how a Mario/Sonic platformer could be made to work with ease you have no vision…

    As for Sonic being ‘story driven’ what a load of crap… Find me the story heavy parts of any of the original Sonic games!

  16. Tony Dickerson says:

    that thing about eggman and bowser teaming up and eggman merges worlds together so he and bowser can destroy mario and sonic(that’s somewhat stupid, i mean bowser just wants the princess apparently) sound a little of a good idea. it worked with sonic generations and id like to see mario in an actual realistic world. nintendo and sega joined forces and turned sonic into a slower, but blue and skinny mario in lost world, how could it not happen?

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