1up: Sonic games? Best post whiny video

Oh lawl, I get it. It’s a Sonic game, we best make a “funny video” slowly making fun of the quality in Sonic games. Yes, I know most of us aren’t into Mario & Sonic games, but are they the worst thing to happen to Sonic or even Mario? No.

Funny how this makes a site like 1up depressed, didn’t even seem like the person in the video even played the game before citing it as crap. Journalism. Didn’t they also announce like 3 Mario solo games at E3? No Mario video? Just Sonic?

Yeah, 1up isn’t going to be missed now that they got bought out by IGN.

Mario & Sonic at the London Olympic Games E3 trailer

Here is a feel good CGI trailer featuring Nintendo and SEGA mascots going at it. Seems that the fans love these games since they buy them by the truck loads.

I’m a bit tired of this Olympic stuff. I think they should just make a mini game compilation, the Olympic license isn’t selling these games. While we wait for that game, we can watch this trailer for Peach in a skimpy outfit and Amy for her slow motion Baywatch part.

Mario & Sonic platformer never happened due to internal disagreement

When we where kids, growing up in the 16-bit era, we always took sides with either Sonic or Mario. But deep down inside, we always wanted to see them do a game together, an awesome platformer. Then SEGA announced Mario & Sonic Olympic series, making people angry. But why not make a platformer game?

“Prior to this project there has always been a discussion between Nintendo and Sega about bringing Sonic and Mario together somehow. But every time we talked about it, there was an issue as to exactly how we could achieve that.

These characters come from two totally different backgrounds, and have completely different worlds. If you do any kind of collaboration, you can’t just get them to run on one of the Sonic stages or vice versa. You have to create something from scratch, a neutral location. Nintendo and SEGA never managed to agree on just where or what kind of universe we could set a Mario and Sonic adventure in.

Then, some time ago, SEGA secured a license to create games based on the Olympics. At that point I came up with the idea of having Mario and Sonic compete with each other in the Olympic games setting. We proposed that idea to Nintendo and they were really positive and interested in the idea, so that is where we started building it into a concrete game proposal.” – Osamu Ohash, Producer.

Very interesting, minigames seem to be the easiest way to cash in on the brand names.

[Source: Spong]

First Wii/3DS Screens of Mario & Sonic London Olympics!

Usually screens of Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games wouldn’t excite me too much. But color me surprised when I caught a glimpse of the first screens to be released and I got… a little excited! That was probably due to spotting one of my favorite 3D Sonic stages, Windy Valley of Sonic Adventure, returning as the location of a Dream Event. On the Mario side of things we have a 2D remake of Yoshi’s Story, which makes me hopeful that we’ll see some 2D Sonic stages return.

After the break, check out more screens and a link to an early preview of the games.

Press Release Confirms Mario & Sonic at the London Olympic Games for Wii & 3DS UPDATE: Logo and art

Surprising nobody, it seems the long rumored third entry into the Mario & Sonic franchise has finally been announced. Surprisingly, this entry is cutting the DS out of the mix, and will instead be coming to the 3DS as well as the Wii.

Special thanks goes to Sonic Stadium for digging this up. The press release below was posted on the Czech website Zing.cz and translated by Google. Check it out after the break.