SEGA/Sammy report has Sonic Generations coming to PC/3DS

First we had that Gamestop/Ebgames listing. Sure, that could totally be false, Gamestop has a tendency to do stuff like this. But what about SEGA/Sammy. It could be a mistake in SEGA’s part, but how likely would that be?

Another thing to note is that SEGA is expecting to sell 23.29 million pieces of software for the year, up from 18.71 million last year. How do you expect them to reach the new goal? A portable Sonic Generations is a start.

[Source: AndriaSang]


2 responses to “SEGA/Sammy report has Sonic Generations coming to PC/3DS

  1. STORM! says:

     Just a tip/hint: Sega counts all titles released everywhere as 1 title.

    I mean, if Sega said they are planning to release 20 titles on PS3, for example, each region for the same title counts as 1 title.

    Ex: Sonic Generations for Playstation 3 (Americas-Europe-Japan) = 3 titles.

    On the list on the picture we have already 12 titles.

    For the last, look how Sega is treating Max Anarchy… (-_-;;;;;

    They have not even mentioned its existence…

  2. Pao says:

    ^Maybe because it won't be released in Japan this year, just like Madworld.

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