Shining Force: Cross Raid – Trailer

It’s fair to say that the Shining series has had a rocky time of late, with some good-ish games like Shining Wind (if you’re into that kind of thing) and some really bad ones, like Shining Force Neo and Shining Force EX.

But what’s most annoying is that the best of the bunch, like Shining Force Feather for the DS and Shining Force Cross Raid (seen above) never made it out of Japan! On that note, here’s a trailer of Shining Force Cross Raid.

Cross Raid is an Arcade game in the same vein as Phantasy Star Online… But don’t get too excited: unless you go to or come from Japan, you’re unlikely to ever play it.


3 responses to “Shining Force: Cross Raid – Trailer

  1. CrazyTails says:

    It's games like these that make me wish SEGA had their own console with all it's arcade hits.

  2. VyseLegend says:

    Yea, I saw this a while back and thought it looked orgasmic. Its a shame we don't get the single best looking Sega game in like a millennium.

  3. Only in Japan would they put so much effort into a network game and make it arcade-only. This really should be on a HD console, and it's so acrion-oriented, being an arcade game, I bet localizarion wouldn't be that hard.

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