Shining Force: Cross Raid – Trailer

It’s fair to say that the Shining series has had a rocky time of late, with some good-ish games like Shining Wind (if you’re into that kind of thing) and some really bad ones, like Shining Force Neo and Shining Force EX.

But what’s most annoying is that the best of the bunch, like Shining Force Feather for the DS and Shining Force Cross Raid (seen above) never made it out of Japan! On that note, here’s a trailer of Shining Force Cross Raid.

Cross Raid is an Arcade game in the same vein as Phantasy Star Online… But don’t get too excited: unless you go to or come from Japan, you’re unlikely to ever play it.

Shining Force Cross: Raid trailer

Check out this brand new trailer for Shining Force Cross: Raid, a sequel to last years Shining Force Cross, Cross Raid is made exclusively for the Arcade.

The game doesn’t share a much if anything with classic Shining games, game play or art style wise. In fact it looks akin to a Phantasy Star Online game play wise. However I think the game does look like good fun on its own merits. I wouldn’t hesitate to try it out if ever I had the chance.

However a return to classic Shining Force in both game play and art style is long over due.