Captain America gets pre-order bonuses at Gamestop

Captain America: Super Solider is looking like it will be the best SEGA and Marvel tie-in game in recent history. Yes, that is not saying too much. If you pre-order the game via Gamestop (US only as far as I know) you will get the “Ultimates” DLC pack below.

  • Ultimates 1942 Captain America costume
  • The “Ballroom Blitz” Challenge Mode Map
  • Early in-game access to Cap’s “Weaponize” ability

Below are more screens of the DLC stuff in action. You can go here to pre-order or your nearest Gamestop. You know those stores are spawning everywhere.


One response to “Captain America gets pre-order bonuses at Gamestop

  1. CosmicCastaway says:

    I've already pre-ordered my copy of Captain America at GameStop so it's cool to hear a pre-order bonus is on the way.

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