The Weekly Five: Best to worst “Avengers” SEGA games

SEGA’s license pact with Marvel was a prime example of how the game industry tends to treat movie licensed properties these days. They sell the license to a game company to promote the movie. Game company turns around and uses their B and C (and sometimes D) teams to work on said games and hope they can come up with at least a half decent effort. Then the game is released just before the movie hits theaters whether it’s ready to go or not. Many times, they fail even to get to that half-decent point.

But this doesn’t mean that all movie licensed games have to stink. Sometimes, you get the right development team with the right goal in mind and you get something of quality. Sometimes, a game is almost crap, but you can see a little bit of gold in that turd. But sometimes, crap is just crap no matter what angle you look at it. What better example of this is there than with these five Marvel Studios movie licensed games released by SEGA. And what better time to “reminisce” over these games than with today’s movie release of The Avengers in American theaters. Read on to see which one I find is the best quality to which one I think is total, unredeemable crap.

Review: Captain America: Super Soldier (PS3)

With the release of Captain America: Super Soldier, SEGA will be bringing a close to the licensing deal that they started with Marvel several years ago. So after four tie-ins with Marvel Entertainment, has SEGA improved in the quality of their licensed output? Read on to find out in my extensive review on the last game in their Marvel movie tie-in, Captain America: Super Soldier.

Captain America gets pre-order bonuses at Gamestop

Captain America: Super Solider is looking like it will be the best SEGA and Marvel tie-in game in recent history. Yes, that is not saying too much. If you pre-order the game via Gamestop (US only as far as I know) you will get the “Ultimates” DLC pack below.

  • Ultimates 1942 Captain America costume
  • The “Ballroom Blitz” Challenge Mode Map
  • Early in-game access to Cap’s “Weaponize” ability

Below are more screens of the DLC stuff in action. You can go here to pre-order or your nearest Gamestop. You know those stores are spawning everywhere.

Thor & Captain America games at WonderCon

Behind the scenes with Thor

Thor: God Of Thunder

SEGA appeared at WonderCon in San Francisco last week, and showed off their two remaining Marvel games: Captain America: Super Soldier, and Thor: God Of Thunder. Above is a new behind the scenes look at Thor, and a very bad looking Thor trailer for the Wii. Over at the SEGA Blogs, they also included that awful looking Captain America Wii trailer that I previously reported on.

So, what do the SEGAbits readers think of these two games? I think Captain America is looking a lot better than Thor, and I hope SEGA will strive for this quality anytime they ever think about making another license game.

[Source: SEGA]

Captain America Super Solider box art looks like this

If you are like me, you have probably stayed up sleepless nights hoping that SEGA would release box art for Captain America Super Solider. Well, today is your day. Here they are.

Wait, you don’t own a Playstation 3? Well we have the other 3 console versions down here at the bottom. Game is hitting retail shelves on July 11th.

[Source: Buzzfocus]

Captain America: Super Solider – HD version trailer

The trailer is actually called ‘next gen’, but let’s be honest, we have been in the ‘PS3 and 360’ generation for 4-5 years! We need to stop calling it next gen.

The trailer is pretty alright, SEGA has always been good at cutting together a Marvel trailer and selling the game to gamers. Have their titles been good? No, but we are willing to give it a chance, even if the trailer already shows a slowed down framerate.

Thor & Captain America games to support 3D

Thor & Captain America video games will be in 3D, SEGA confirmed at their latest press event. The versions of the game that will come in 3D are the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Nintendo 3DS.
This means that the Wii and DS versions of the game will stay in ‘2D’, since they are not capable of producing a 3D image. SEGA also released a new batch of screenshots, hit the jump to view those.

Actor Chris Evans to voice Captain America in game

Not surprising that Chris Evans, who got picked to play Captain America in the upcoming movie Captain America: The First Avenger, will be voicing the Captain in the video game based on the movie. Why isn’t it a surprise? Chris played Johnny Storm in the Fantastic 4 movies and voiced the video game character. Man is not scared of talking into a microphone for money.

So whether or not you are looking forward to the game, we posted a press release. Check it out after the jump.

SEGA Europe confirms 2011 titles

SEGA of Europe has confirmed some of their 2011 line up, yet missed to mention some titles that we all know are coming. Namely the PSN/XBLA games,  Sonic 3DS game, Sonic 20th anniversary game, Binary Domain, and a few unannounced projects hinted. Here is what they gave up though.

  • Conduit 2 – Wii February 2011
  • Shogun 2: Total War – PC 15th March 2011
  • Super Monkey Ball 3DS (Working title) – 2011
  • Virtua Tennis 4 – PS3 2011
  • Rise of Nightmares (Kinect) – Xbox 360 2011
  • Yakuza 4 – PS3 Spring 2011
  • Thor – Spring 2011 Xbox 360/Wii/PSP/PS3/DS
  • Captain America: Super Soldier – PS3/Xbox 360/Wii/DS – Summer 2011

Some AAA titles mixed with license titles that we will most likely hit ignore on. Seems like a confirmation of the first half of the year, hopefully fall is better.  Well,  what titles are you guys looking forward to?

[Source: NowGamer]

First Captain America: Super Solider trailer

The first Captain America: Super Solider trailer is out and  we can finally have a look at the gameplay. It is pretty obvious that the brawling aspect of the game was highly influenced by Batman: Arkham Asylum .

Something also shown in the trailer is a small section of platforming, which is good. Means variety of gameplay. Sure the graphics aren’t really going to impress anyone, but if the game is fun, that is fine by me.

[Thanks: CosmicCastaway]

Captain America video game details and screens

You may recall our little reveal that a Captain America game was being developed for the Wii by High Voltage Software awhile back. Well now, the game has been officially revealed, and the developer for the other versions has been brought to light.

The upcoming Captain America movie tie-in video game, Captain America: Super Soldier , is being developed by Next Level (Punch Out!!! and Spider-Man: Friend or Foe) .

The video game will take place before the upcoming movie, Captain America: First Avenger. The game will be written by Christos Gage, who did Avengers: The Initiative and is also currently doing Avengers Academy. If you haven’t guessed it, the game (and film) will take place during World War II.

The game is set to come out next year for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PSP, Wii, and DS.