SEGA working on 4 unannounced Playstation Vita games

SEGA already announced their Virtua Tennis 4 port to Playstation Vita. Right after that, SEGA said they had 4 unannounced games that they’re working on. What could these titles possibly be?

Hard to know with SEGA but I assume one could be a sequel to the Yakuza side game the PSP got. Whatever it is, I’m excited to find out.

Should also be a good TGS for SEGA this year.

[Source: AndriaSang]


4 responses to “SEGA working on 4 unannounced Playstation Vita games

  1. ChrisD says:

    I'm just going to keep telling myself, despite how great that back panel touch would be, that it's not NiGHTS………

  2. TheIrishNinja says:

    Yakuza & Valkyrai! …i wish.

  3. weendex says:

    You've got to expect that at least in Japan, Phantasy Star Vita is a no-brainer.

  4. Shinobi88 says:

    Only 4?? 3DS is getting 20. I hope the 4 are at least heavyweights. Like Aliens Colonial Marines. Or Sonic Generations.

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