Sonic the Hedgehog retro soundtrack compilation coming

Sonic is turning 20 years old, man! That means that this is the perfect time to re-release a ton of shit and make the mad money. Just announced? Sonic 1 and 2 compilation soundtrack. You get your favorite tracks from both games, in one collection.

The soundtrack will be out this summer and will include composer Masato Nakamura’s demo tape for Sonic 1 and 2. So far its only been announced for Japan.

[Source: TheDailyDL]


2 responses to “Sonic the Hedgehog retro soundtrack compilation coming

  1. UrameshiBR says:

    Same thing again? No remixes? Come on…

  2. PashRoot says:

    Was hoping for some remixes too. Don't get me wrong; the old school Sonic 16-bit music is timeless but we could use some new arranged stuff now and then.

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