Puyo Puyo 20th anniversary limited edition unboxing

So some of you guys on here have probably wanted to import the new Puyo Puyo 20th anniversary game, but dont’ know if you should pay the extra for the limited edition or go with the regular? Well, now we have an unboxing of the limited edtition and I have to say, its well worth the extra cash.

It has a ton of key chains, nicer packaging and a hand fan. Yes, a hand fan. Hit the jump to see those pictures!

[Source: Inside-Games]


3 responses to “Puyo Puyo 20th anniversary limited edition unboxing

  1. @crackdude says:

    Isn't it 20th birthday?

    • Barry the Nomad says:

      George has a crazy theory about the first 5 years of Puyo Puyo not counting. It's very strange. In the meantime, I changed it to the 20th. 😉

  2. George says:

    I blame NiGHTS the last week for confusing me.

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