Check out our new review score cards!

Check out our review cards. These cards will now go on the bottom of our reviews to display scores. I hope you guys like the art. The artwork for the Amigo heads was done by our forum member, Radrappy. Thanks for submitting!

As for the design of the card, that credit goes to our lovely staff member, Barry The Nomad. Tell us what you think! See the rest after the break.

[The +/- cards have the same artwork]


8 responses to “Check out our new review score cards!

  1. unknown says:

    They are pretty awsome, what can I say really.

    Could have used more Sega Faces maybe, but I get what you're doing here. No problems with me.

  2. FinalFan says:

    I like'em, and they're kinda funny 🙂

    Nice job, Barry!

  3. Sharky says:

    Thats much better than I could have done, I wish there was some kind of learning program for using photo shop or any computer illistrator. I wouldn't know where to start with doing half the stuff Rad has done.

  4. cube_b3 says:

    :/ I can't differentiate between A and A+

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