Shinobi 3DS Producer explains why they kept the scarf

Stephen Frost, producer for the upcoming Shinobi 3DS video game explains what they took from past Shinobi games and put it into the new reboot. Like, why did they keep Hotsuma’s scarf from Shinobi PS2?

“We liked things like the [PS2 version’s] scarf…Hotsuma’s scarf. The way it moves, it’s very memorable. It’s very artistic. And we knew from the get-go that we wanted to have a very unique style for this game, and so we brought the scarf from the PS2. But fundamentally, most of the moves, enemies and bosses…ideas for certain things…a lot more of that came from Shinobis 12 and 3, and we went from there.” – Stephen White, Producer Shinobi 3DS

In the article, done up by the guys over at Siliconera, he also explains why they have combos and parrying. So if you are interested, head over!

[Source: Siliconera]


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