Check out some of the Shinobi 3DS achievements

So what I’m I babbling about? The 3DS doesn’t support achievements you say. Well, this game does. SEGA has talked about the feature, which will allow you to unlock new maps and even unlock Joe Musashi.

To see some of the challenges that SEGA will put in your path, hit the jump.

  • Two left feet: Fall into a pit.
  • Not in the face: Killed by a melee attack.
  • Ninja reflex: Parry and attack.
  • All fun and games: The best way to avoid being killed is to not block with your face.
  • Quit poking me: Jump into fire or spikes.
  • Die hard: 100 deaths.
  • I have the power: Discover ninja magic
  • The One: Parry 100 attacks
  • Jumped the shark: Did you just jump over a shark?
  • Thanks you’re the best: Watching the credits.
  • Float like a butterfly: Complete a level without any parry.
  • S is for shinobi: Achieve an S rank in all levels.
Sadly this isn’t a complete list of achievements, but it does give you a taste on what to expect. 
[Source: Kotaku]

One response to “Check out some of the Shinobi 3DS achievements

  1. DCGX says:

    I can tolerate achievements on Xbox 360 (since it really started the whole thing), achievements are starting to bother me with mobile games and Steam, and now this. Sometimes I just want to play a game. That said, if it actually unlocks things in the games, and I don’t have to buy DLC to get them, I may go back to tolerating achievements.

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