Sonic CD headed to digital download, playable at PAX 2011

Another SEGA classic is set to be ported to Xbox Live Arcade according to Joystiq, have found through Major Nelson’s blog that an unannounced port of Sonic CD is set to debut at the Penny Arcade Expo. Sonic CD is out of all the major classic Sonic titles, the rarest of them all, mainly thanks to the fact it debuted on the SEGA CD and the relatively little (Compared to the other titles in the series) amount of times the game has been ported. At this current moment, it is not known what the release date is, if it is a XBLA exclusive and who would be handling porting duties.

According to Joystiq, SEGA did not wish to disclosure any details at the time, but would be sharing more information in the future.

[Edit] Not exclusive to Xbox Live Arcade. Coming out for Playstation Network, iOS, Windows Phone 7, and Android devices [/Edit]

[Source: Joystiq]


13 responses to “Sonic CD headed to digital download, playable at PAX 2011

  1. LH_The_Hedgehog says:

    I must be dreaming.

    *Crying like a desperate fangirl*
    Dang, I love SEGA. I LOVE SEGA.

  2. Kori-Maru says:

    If they port it give everyone the EUR version. I like the beat from Stardust Speedway Bad Future and Toot Toot Sonic Warrior.

  3. Ethan Kerr says:


  4. Crazytails says:

    It was about time. Hope they do the eur/jap version as well. I bought sonic gems and hated the US music

  5. JUrameshi says:

    If the game doesn’t have a soundtrack select option for default, give us the alternate OST as a DLC.

  6. Friggin’ AWESOME news!!!

    I’d also love to see both SEGA CD Ecco titles.

  7. Shigs says:

    Meh. It’s one of my least favorite 2-D Sonic games. I’ll tell you why in my upcoming review.

  8. Arc Christelle says:

    I agree with Shigs 100%, love the japanese ost….the game….not so much.

  9. Trippled says:


    What a morning

  10. I don’t get the hate for Sonic CD. Sure, it does not deserve to be called “the best Sonic game ever”, but it is still a fun game. I think some people forget that it is essentially the second Sonic game to be made, so you can’t really fault the game designers for trying new things. It’s not like they had the finished Sonic 2 or Sonic 3&K to compare themselves to or attempt to live up to.

    I think the game is a blast, especially when played on a functioning SEGA CD. It’s just so cool to play it on the original hardware.

  11. -nSega54- says:

    I’m actually pretty pumped about this, I’ve never played Sonic CD so this presents a pretty great opportunity.

  12. Arc Christelle says:

    @Nomad I mean I liked the concept of time travel and saving the future as well as this small things like the opening, revving up and the three minute idle death, but my dislike about it was that some things felt bland like the level design (looped and scattered stages) even if you compare it to Sonic 2 or even 1. And the US OST just felt ultra Genesis Generic, which was unusual to me. It was like the game started when Sonic ran up the “3D” ramp and ended when Metal Sonic kidnaps Amy..

  13. sybnios says:

    At last the best Sonic game in the series! Although I think I prefered how it stayed in the shadows for AGES.. Some things are not for everyone.. Sonic CD is one of them!

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