Sonic Generations screens featuring bosses

With the release of Sonic Generations only a month and few weeks away, it seems some more early screens have been released onto the Xbox marketplace featuring two particular boss fights and a stage that has been revealed for the first time to the public, thankfully we have the screens for your viewing pleasure, for those without an Xbox 360. For those not wanting to spoil themselves, avoid the break, otherwise for everyone else jump in to enjoy some fresh Sonic Generations screens.



5 responses to “Sonic Generations screens featuring bosses

  1. teirusu says:

    modern sonic and sonic classic metting each other nice

  2. Adam Duffield says:

    I like the shot of them meeting ecah other :L
    “God, I used to be fat…”

  3. Chaosmaster8753 says:

    I knew the Shadow battle would be on the ARK.

  4. crazytails says:

    Holy shit

  5. Trippled says:


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